Products designed to suit your business

Weston Energy gives customers new access to low-cost gas sources - the wholesale hub market and direct agreements with gas producers - that are typically reserved for only the largest gas consumers. 

What sets our products apart
  • Lower Prices - While future wholesale prices are uncertain, our customers have historically saved an average of 20-25% on their total gas bill

  • Transparent pricing - Customers receive detailed breakdowns of the all the costs associated with their gas, so they can see exactly what they are paying for and avoid unfair fees

  • No Take or PayCustomers retain full volume flexibility and only pay for what they use - no inflated overage rates or crippling commitments when you need less gas

  • Simple operations - Our customer support team handles all back end logistics involved in buying wholesale - leaving you with just a single monthly bill. 

Wholesale Hub Gas

Customers can elect to purchase their gas on the daily wholesale market - taking on some price variability in exchange for lower prices and full flexibility to add or reduce volume. Customers provide a forecast of their gas needs, and Weston Energy takes care of the rest - purchasing the required gas each day and handling the logistics of delivery. Customers then receive a monthly bill, the same as any other gas contract

Weston Energy allows to you to buy gas at cost, pay for the transmission pipelines at cost, and simply pay a modest retailing fee. We provide full transparency of what you are paying for and why. 

Direct to Producer

In addition to Wholesale Hub purchasing, we offer customers the choice to ​purchase a portion of their gas directly from gas producers at a fixed price. This is the same way the ten largest gas users in Australia purchase gas, made available to a much wider range of businesses through our new retail option. Weston Energy finds the right producers, negotiates the price, and handles the operational headaches of gas delivery - leaving customers with a simple bill.