Our story

Solving the problem ourselves

Weston Energy was founded by leading energy experts, backed by Weston Aluminium, a large recycler and industrial services business based in regional NSW. As company heavily reliant on gas, Weston Aluminium was frustrated by the lack of choice, innovation and transparency offered by existing retailers, and decided to tackle the problem directly.

Expansion nationwide 

Weston Energy launched its new gas purchasing model to customers in NSW in 2016 and expanded its service to the ACT, South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland in 2017. Our new approach couldn’t have come at a better time, as rapidly rising energy prices had put hundreds of Australian businesses, and thousands of jobs at risk. 

Our ongoing mission


Our aim is to always strive to reduce the cost of energy for our customers by reducing retail margins, offering greater flexibility, and improving transparency to allow  our customers can make informed decisions about their gas purchasing. On behalf of our customers, we work with government and market regulators to increase domestic supply of gas, increase competition, and reduce red tape.

Our team


Garbis Simonian

Managing Directior

Garbis is the Managing Director and owner of the Weston Group and Weston Energy, with over 40 years of experience as a entrepreneur and business leader. He was a founding director of Macquarie Energy, later floated as Apollo Gas, and sold to Dart Energy. He is the MD of the Queensland Hunter Gas Pipeline. Garbis is also the founding Chairman of Industrial Ecology Australia, and was President of Australian Council of Recyclers 2011-2015.


James Simonian

Executive Director

James provides management support to the Technology and Operations teams at Weston Energy, following several years of startup and investment experience with a focus on machine learning products for enterprise. Prior to that James has a mix of operational and investment roles in the growth equity team of the Invus Group, and he started his career at McKinsey & Company, working in both Sydney and eventually New York. James graduated with a BSc (Physics) and LLB from the University of Sydney


Chris McPherson

General Manager

Chris McPherson is a leading creator of energy solutions and new gas products in Australia. Chris has 25 years experience in the Australian energy industry across trading, sales, pricing, procurement and as a strategic consultant. Prior to establishing Weston Energy, Chris specialized in creating new energy solutions for Australian companies and markets. Many of the top 50 energy users in Australia looked to Chris for creative new gas solutions, renewable energy advice, and energy strategy.


Amin Gholami

Sales Manager

Amin has extensive experience in the Australian oil and gas industry. With a petroleum engineering background, Amin has an in-depth understanding of gas producing assets in the country and has studied the economics of the supply side of the natural gas value chain in details. His knowledge of the STTM and DWGM gas markets helps customers find better cost-saving strategies. 

Qualifications - BEng (Petroleum Engineering) - MBA - Ph.D. University of New South Wales


Gerrod Murphy

Operations Manager

Gerrod is a chemical engineer with considerable experience in Australian Manufacturing. Gerrod has first-hand experience of Weston's approach as both a customer himself, and then overseeing the procurement, trading and delivery of gas to our customers as our Operations Manager. Through this experience, Gerrod has gained a deep understanding of the mechanics behind gas markets and the systems used to achieve the lowest possible gas price for the customer.


Qualifications - BEng (Chemical) (Hons) - University of Newcastle


Eric Yu

Customer Relationship Manager

Eric is an oil & gas engineer with a PhD Degree in oil & gas engineering from University of New South Wales. Prior to joining Weston Energy, Eric worked on research projects for oil & gas industries. His knowledge on natural gas resource, together with superior analytical skills and client’s management experience help Weston Energy with its daily gas market operations, market analysis, customers management and marketing.


Qualifications - BEng (Geological Engineering) – MEng/Ph.D. (Petroleum Engineering)